Global Accessibility Awareness Day is Thurs., May 17

Thurs., May 17 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD).

  • When you think of the word “diversity,” what comes to mind?
  • When you contemplate minority identity, is disability included?

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we acknowledge an aspect of diversity that is seldom represented in discussions of equity and cultural humility. Yet, according to the Institute on Disability, “disability is the largest minority that anyone can join at any time.”

As we work to promote Inclusive Excellence at Shoreline, here are a few ways employees can get involved in promoting access for all by expanding their own awareness of accessibility issues. 

  • Gain empathy for user experience by taking the #NoMouse Challenge on your usual websites and software. Did you find them to be Accessible?
  • Enroll in these asynchonous Canvas courses that teach introductions to designing Accessible digital content.

Thank you,
Student Support Programs

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