TSS Summer 2018 Projects

These are some of the projects TSS worked on over Summer 2018.

New computers:
Library reference: 20 Dell Pc’s
Student Lab 4102: 86 Dell PC’s, 5 iMacs
Music Technology: 40 iMac’s
ABE/ESL/GED (1700): 40 ChromeBooks
Automotive: 20 Dell Laptops
Automotive: 10 ChromeBooks w/ cart
Library: (Student check-out) 22 Chromebooks, (Student check-out)5 MacBooks
iDEA (ESL) Checkout: 54 ChromeBooks

ESL (e-casas): Replaced (upgraded) 7 PCs
Honors Lounge (4106): Replaced (upgraded) 4 PCs

Re-Imaged and upgraded software in Labs:
1301, 1302, 1304, 1305, 1308, 1401, 4214, Math Learning Center, Biology Learning Center, Read/Write Studio, Dental Hygiene, 2516, 2502B, 1721

Upgraded Associate Faculty offices in HOPE, Science, Humanities & Social Science

Other Misc:
Readied network infrastructure for the new TESLA training Center
Moved Counseling Center to their temporary location
Upgraded Student Email Signup Web Application

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