Voice Phishing (vishing) Malicious Robocalls

Please see the message below from Acting State CISO Scott Bream:

The state Office of CyberSecurity has received multiple reports from several state agencies of malicious robocalls that try to trick people into providing sensitive information over the phone.

The incoming number for the malicious robocalls is 888-216-3727. An automated messages states: “Your computer has been compromised. Do not log on to any financial information or banking site until you have received confirmation that security has been restored. Press ‘1’ to connect with online Microsoft technician or call 855-352-9200.”

WaTech is currently blocking the incoming and call back numbers.

This type of scam is referred to as vishing. The techniques used are similar to email phishing, where hackers attempt to trick users into providing sensitive information, such as account login credentials, by posing as a person or organization that a user trusts.

We recommend the following:

• Do not trust unsolicited calls. Do not provide any personal information
• Do not call the provided number.
• Do not purchase any software or services from unsolicited phone calls.
• Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm that it is a legitimate representative of your computer support team.

Please share this information with staff at your agency.

Thank you,
Scott Bream
Acting Chief Information Security Officer
Washington State Office of Cyber Security
Desk  360.407.8679 |  scott.bream@ocs.wa.gov  |  watech.wa.gov

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