Announcing the winner of the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship

The Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 recipient of the 1964 Society Faculty Professional Development Scholarship is Laurel Ecke. There were many good applications and the Board expressed their appreciation for the Associate Faculty’s interest in this opportunity. Laurel will receive $1,100 this year to attend the American Psychology Associations Conference in Chicago.

Laurel explained in her application: “The theme of the workshops this year will be building bridges between social justice, research and practice. In addition to this, the conference offers conversation hours, skill-building sessions, and posters. There is even a film festival, which will present films that I might be able to incorporate into my courses. By employing what I learn during this conference, I can reinvigorate my classes in a variety of ways that will enrich the materials in my courses and increase student engagement and inclusion.”

The 1964 Society Scholarship Fund honors the year our college was founded. It was designated to Faculty Professional Development because that was the original intention of the fund when the Foundation started a campaign in 2010. Donors made contributions of $1964 for three years for a total of $5,892. The fund was then inactive for several years.

The current Executive Director and Foundation Board of Directors made the determination to revitalize the fund and invest it as a Board Designated Fund with the Foundation’s investment firm. The Board determined they would like to fund Associate Faculty for the time being because they receive little Professional Development funds.   The Foundation Board invested $25,000 and retained $3,300 to provide Faculty Professional Development scholarships for three years while the invested funds accrue enough earnings per year to provide an annual scholarship.

The Foundation Board of Directors, again, welcomes any donations to this fund at any time and would like to see it continue to grow.

Please join the Foundation Board and staff in offering many CONGRATULATIONS to Laurel Ecke for receiving this award!

Warm Regards,
Mary Brueggeman,
VP Advancement
Executive Director, Foundation

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