Campus is closed on December 27, online services continue.

Campus is closed on December 27, online services continue

Due to inclement weather, the campus will be closed on Monday, December 27th.  

The physical campus is closed but all campus services will be available online/remotely. 

Employees should not report to campus for work but instead work from home, unless designated to report to the College. 

The Childcare Center will also be closed. 

Safety & Security will be available to assist the 7000 building residents as needed. 

On Monday, Facilities crew members, Safety & Security crew members, and some custodial crew members will start at 9:00 am and work on snow removal. 

7000 Campus Living Fire Drill: Wednesday, August 11

Dear Colleague,

Please consider this notification that a fire drill is planned for Bldg. 7000 on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. If you see residents evacuating the building or observe the alarm going off during that day; please do not be alarmed and do not call 911.

If you have any questions, please contact Acting Director of Safety & Security Gregory Cranson at

Gregory Cranson
Acting Director of Safety & Security

Notice of Virtual Special Meeting – Friday, March 12

The Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Friday, March 12, 2021 beginning at 4:30 PM. The purpose of the March 12 special meeting is to review the performance of public employees.

The special meeting will take place in a virtual space to comply with government restrictions on public gathering due to COVID-19 health risks. The March 12, 2021 special meeting will:
1. Commence in open session (“open to the public”); 2. Convene in executive session (“closed to the public”) after the Communication from the Public segment; and 3. Reconvene in open session (“open to the public”) for adjournment of the meeting. 

•To connect to the March 12, 2021 special meeting:

• Via link, go to:…

• Via telephone:
Call/Dial/Key-in to one of the following numbers. Start with the first number. If you receive a busy signal or an “all circuits are busy” message, try the next number on the list. 

(253) 215-8782 
(669) 900-6833  
(301) 715-8592

• Webinar (“Meeting”) ID: 897 9809 0812

•All Board of Trustees meetings include opportunity for public comment. Due to the continual and changing information related to COVID-19 and the March 12, 2021 special meeting to be held remotely, please email public comments to the Board Secretary at by 4:15 PM on Friday, March 12, 2021. Please place “Public Comment” in the subject of your email. Public comments sent to the Board Secretary at by 4:15 PM on Friday, March 12, 2021 will be read aloud by College personnel. The total public comment period will be no more than ten (10) minutes and up to two (2) minutes of each public comment received, will be read, with adjustments made if more than five (5) public comments are received. All public comments received will be entered into the record, and attached to the minutes of the March 12 special meeting.

•This notice and the agenda for the March 12, 2021 special meeting will be posted by 4:00 PM on March 12, 2021 to:…

Welcome to Winter Quarter 2021

Dear Colleague, 

As we enter this new year, I hope you had time to rest and renew over the winter break. A new year and a new quarter provide us all with an opportunity to step back from the life-changing events we and our students experienced in 2020 and reset our intentions for the rest of the academic year. As a College community, I would like us to continue building and enhancing our relationships with one another so that we can be as successful as possible in our shared work of serving our diverse students. They depend on each of us to help them achieve their educational hopes and dreams. I am hopeful that winter quarter marks a time where each of us can seek ways to ensure Shoreline remains a place where all of us feel welcomed and valued for the work we do each day. 

We have much to be hopeful for as we enter 2021. Here are some important updates I would like to make sure you know about as we gear up for another full and fruitful quarter together. 

Strategic Plan Goal 1: We attract students and community learners and ensure successful attainment of their goals through our programs, services, and teaching and learning environments.  

Winter Quarter Student Enrollment/FTE Update  

As of Tuesday, January 5, overall FTE was down 617 (-14.7%), with state-supported FTE down by 328 (-11.1%), international contract down 243 FTE (-31.1%), and Running Start down by 5 FTE (-1.9%). We are also down in new students, with 204 fewer new students compared to last winter (-27.3% decrease in headcount). Daily updated enrollment information is available on the report server to any employee.  

Accreditation Next Steps 

Thanks to all who took part in the November visit by an evaluation team from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), our regional accrediting agency. The evaluation chair read their four commendations and five recommendations at a public meeting on Thursday, November 12. Three of the recommendations were related to assessment and use of data, a fourth focused on adoption of a transfer credit policy, and the last addressed transparency in managing financial resources. 

The evaluation team’s report has been submitted to the Commission, and President Roberts and Bayta Maring, Shoreline’s Accreditation Liaison, will attend the virtual Commission meeting on January 14 to respond to questions. Following the meeting, the Commission will take action on Shoreline’s accreditation status. In the meantime, various teams and workgroups at Shoreline are already developing plans to address the evaluation team’s recommendations. If you have questions about the accreditation process, please contact Bayta Maring ( 

Guided Pathways Update  

The Guided Pathways Core Team — consisting of faculty, staff, and administrators and co-led by Dutch Henry and Brigid Nulty, established six Guided Pathways (GP) project teams, including more than 50 campus participants. Each team recruited additional members, created an annual workplan, conducted research, gathered data, and connected with other colleges around the state. The teams are finding that while the project teams are distinct, there is significant intersection and overlap in their work. They continue to work to find ways to keep projects aligned with each other, so that they are productively complementary. The teams are as follows: 

·         Equity Team: Conducted initial equity training for the Core Team; finalizing an equity tool for all GP teams; and started planning professional learning on equity and antiracist pedagogical practices across disciplines. 

·         Student Voices Team: Creating a Student Advisory Committee of paid student members who will be available to offer feedback to all GP teams starting in winter quarter; developing survey and focus group protocols and questions. 

·         Pathways Design Team: Documented and analyzed meta-majors and pathways at other colleges and began developing a pathways design process for use with faculty, staff, and administration across campus; due to the complexity and scale of this work, the timeline for this project has been stretched to June 2022. 

·         Gateway Team: Started a new collaborative English co-requisite project with English, ESL, and ABE; identified key non-English and math gateway courses at Shoreline; and started a placement review; created two Tableau dashboards to inform work around placement and first-year course success: Shoreline Placement Data and Shoreline Gateway Course Success Rates; the SBCTC Statewide Common Course Dashboard is also a great resource. 

·         Intake/Advising Team: Began researching how to design inclusive, engaging intake and advising experiences for students; collaborated with campus stakeholders and other GP schools; began designing a first-year experience course and additional student learning activities aligned with the College’s mission, values, and Guided Pathways goals.  

·         Gen Ed and Learning Outcomes Team: Developed a process to collaborate with Faculty Senate on revising General Education Outcomes and identified sub-groups for the revision process; in recognition of the complexity and scale of this work, the timeline for this project has been stretched to June 2022. 

The Guided Pathways Equity Team has identified two articles that discuss how equity is centered in Guided Pathways reforms. Check them out on the Learn More About Guided Pathways page in the Guided Pathways Canvas shell. 

Strategic Plan Goal 2: We continually strive for disciplined excellence and focused improvement in all that we do.  

Students, Equity & Success (SES) Organizational Updates 

Several transitions have occurred in the past two months in SES, requiring the division to examine both current and future needs, as the College implements ctcLink and invests in Guided Pathways. We are currently searching for a Director of Enrollment Services & Financial Aid, with other alignments in the department to follow as needed. Advising and Running Start provided feedback about service gaps, and a Director of Advising, Running Start & First-Year Experience position will be posted soon to fill those needs. These positions require no additional funds, as all dollars have been reallocated from staffing vacancies. To better support these transitions, Lisa Malik, Acting Dean of Access & Advising, will continue in her role through June 2022. 

COVID-19 Updates 

As a reminder, the campus is observing a two-week pause on any in-person work or classes January 4-18, to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 in the local community, with the majority of our classes and operations continuing remotely through winter quarter. Information about remote campus resources is available for students and a COVID-19 faculty/staff page is also available for employees. We will continue to follow all protocols outlined in our campus reopening plan and will announce plans for spring quarter operations later in winter quarter, as we continue to monitor public health data and guidance about the virus. 

Inclement Weather & Suspended Operations Reminder 

During this season of inclement weather, please review the 2020-21 Suspended Operations Memo. While situations where employees would be unable to work from home due to weather may be limited, there could still be conditions that would impact our ability to continue remote operations, in which case a status of suspended operations would occur. Please remember that it is also important to ensure your contact information in Rave Alert is up to date to receive any emergency messages from the College. For more information about suspended operations, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources.  

Housing Update 

The residence hall is currently 40.7% leased this quarter, with the majority of winter move-ins having taken place on January 4-5. About 70% of the current residents are domestic students, and 30% are international students. We continue to receive a steady stream of applicants who are finalizing their plans at the last minute. A new virtual tour recently launched on the 7000 Campus Living website to allow prospective residents to explore the inside of the building. Residential Life staff continue to provide passive/remote programming for residents to keep them safely engaged in community-building activities as the new quarter gets underway. 

Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex 

There are a number of exciting developments on the Health Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) building, the new three-story, 50,790 square-foot building that will break ground in summer 2021 (on the current site of the 2500 building). This facility will contain specialized classroom and lab space for biomanufacturing, biology/microbiology, anatomy/physiology, chemistry, phlebotomy, medical laboratory technology, and advanced manufacturing, as well as general classrooms, faculty offices, and group study and social spaces. Once construction is completed in spring 2023, the remaining portion of building 2400 as well as buildings 2600, 2700, and 2800 will be demolished, making room for a beautiful new landscaped quadrangle. 

Though funding for the HSAMCC project is not yet finalized, the project is at the top of the State Board’s Capital Budget Request for the 2021-23 biennium and we anticipate confirmation of construction funding by spring 2021. As we prepare for the start of construction, we will reach a number of key milestones in the coming months: 

·         Manufacturing and dental equipment in building 2500 will be relocated to temporary and permanent facilities. 

·         New heating will be added to the 2200 building, as the existing heat source is in the 2400 building, which will be demolished. 

·         Building permits from the City of Shoreline will be issued. 

·         The construction team will begin preliminary mobilization, including mobile job trailers, construction fencing, and signage. There will be a variety of changes to the parking and traffic flow to the area north of building 2500.  

·         Demolition of the 2500 building and a portion of the 2400 building is expected to begin in July 2021. More updates will be shared as we near this date. 

Capital Campaign Update 

Current pledges in our Capital Campaign for the HSAMCC building stand at $700,000, with most of these commitments by Capital Campaign Cabinet members and our neighbors in the Highlands. This leaves $2.3 million in funding that remains to be secured by June 30, 2021. The Foundation continues our advocacy efforts within the life health industry and has secured the support of executive-level leadership in the biomanufacturing industries to advocate on our behalf. AGC Biologics CEO Patricio Massera will host a virtual roundtable/webinar of biotechnology leaders to introduce other leaders to Shoreline and the HSAMCC project with the goal of creating new partnerships who will advocate for our project and come alongside us in funding it. 

Solution for the Six-Way Intersection at Greenwood, 160th, and Innis Arden 

There’s good news to share about the six-way intersection at the College’s main entry, which has been the source of extensive discussion and strong emotions for the College and surrounding community over the years. At the close of 2020, the College finalized an agreement with the City of Shoreline that requires the City to replace the intersection with a new roundabout no later than 2026. Reaching this agreement was a requirement under Shoreline Community College’s Facilities Development Plan (FDP) and other related planning documents and agreements with the City. The purpose of the new roundabout is to enhance safety and ease traffic congestion, which will benefit the College and community alike. Under the finalized agreement, the College has funded the estimated cost of the roundabout and the City is required to complete all engineering, design, and construction including coordination with neighboring property owners, and covering any cost overruns. We are excited to have a solution to this longstanding traffic problem and will keep the College community apprised as the project progresses. 

$1 Million Grant from Delta Dental and Washington Dental Service 

I am pleased to announce that Washington Dental Service and Delta Dental of Washington Board of Directors recently approved a grant to the UW School of Dentistry (UWSOD) to support facility renovations to house our Dental Hygiene program. The $1 million grant, plus a matching grant of up to $500,000, was used in 2020 (and will be used in 2021), to remodel the UWSOD space to ensure our Dental Hygiene program will be sustained for the future. I am deeply appreciative of the dental community’s investment in our program and our students. I am also grateful to our Board of Trustees for their support in using capital dollars to fund an initial $1.3 million in renovations at UWSOD that were critical in paving the way for us to receive this grant. 

2021-22 Budget Planning Process 

The 2021-22 budget calendar is being developed and finalized. Mid-year budget reviews will take place in January and February. The VP for Business & Administrative Services will check in with departments to review the current year budget and coming year budget considerations. The Budget Planning System (BPS) will be open for review and input in mid-March 2021. 

Innovation Fund Grant Request Process 

While the College will pause on the Abbreviated Strategic Action Plan (aSAP) budget request process this year to minimize any new ongoing operational expenses, we will have limited Innovation Fund Grant funding available for the 2021-22 fiscal year. Please watch for more information in the next month about the timeline, criteria, and proposal process for these funds. 

Improvements to the College Website Digital Experience 

With the late-summer launch of the new home page, main menu, and Enrollment & Aid section, we continue to see increased traffic and longer, richer interactions with prospective students on our website. As part of the College’s digital roadmap, significant work continues on the website to continue improving the digital experience for students. This fall, the following pages were redesigned or newly launched: Student Life & ClubsVirtual Admissions EventsWork-Study JobsPhi Theta Kappa Honors SocietyTake Classes at ShorelineTransitional Studies landing page, announcement banners, and the Find My Registration Date page. 

The Communications & Marketing (C&M) team also overhauled the College’s search engine marketing campaigns (leading to a significant increase in leads), began developing dashboards to make it easier to monitor and share web data, created a living student journey map for various groups to use, and helped pull together guidance around the College’s use of live chat, booking online appointments, and public-facing Zoom rooms, in conjunction with other departments. 

Over the rest of this academic year, C&M will focus on implementing clearer web governance guidelines, improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of key web pages, engaging in user testing and research, improving the College’s blog strategy, and planning for large-scale ctcLink-related web changes. Redesign projects will also include the Workforce Education page, a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) web page, Human Resources landing page, updating key landing page templates, and improving the Communications & Marketing web pages. 

ctcLink Update & Amended Hours in Human Resources, Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, and Cashiering 

The ctcLink Project is now in the implementation phase with more than 100 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across campus currently training in Canvas to become acquainted with the new system. This will prepare us for meetings with the state starting this month to begin setting up ctcLink for Shoreline and will kick off an intense 12-15 months of learning, data review, and testing to be ready to go live in early 2022.  

To help support this massive effort, Human Resources & Payroll, Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, and Cashiering will all have adjusted open hours through the winter quarter:  

·                     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  

·                     Wednesday: 11 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  

·                     Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Open Office Hours with Executive Team 
In the spirit of open communication, each member of the Executive Team holds monthly office hours open to any employee on campus for conversation and time to ask questions. You can find their office hours and Zoom links for winter quarter on the Executive Team Virtual Office Hours Sharepoint site

Employee Recognition Committee Introduces “Shoreline Shout-Outs” 

Does your department have any accolades or accomplishments to share with the entire campus? “Shoreline Shout-Outs” is a new way for departments or teams to share pride in their excellent work, projects, and accomplishments. While “Waves of Gratitude” recognize and thank individuals for their work, “Shoreline Shout-Outs” is intended to be a way for departments, divisions, and teams to celebrate their own accomplishments and milestones that might otherwise go unnoticed by the rest of the campus community. Examples of shout-outs could include awards or recognition received from community or industry organizations, completion of large projects, or examples of successful teamwork. You will soon be able to submit your department’s “Shoreline Shout-Out” online and the Employee Recognition Committee will regularly publish them on Day at a Glance. Please watch for the link to be shared soon and get ready to shout out our good work! 

Strategic Plan Goal 3: We ensure that a climate of intentional inclusion permeates our decisions and practices, which demonstrate principles of ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability.  

Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee (IESC) and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Learning Team (DEI- LT) Update 

The purpose of the 2020–2021 DEI Learning Team is to develop a DEI professional learning plan for this year, including outcomes and metrics, and develop the content for the Day of Learning. In addition to this work, the 2020-2021 Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee will be preparing for the arrival of a new Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by advancing the committee’s understanding of the Inclusive Excellence Model. All this work is to prepare the Executive Director with a good framework to begin this work at the College. 

Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

Following input from the Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Learning Team, and the Executive Team, the College has opened the Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion position for recruitment. Today is the first date of consideration for applications and the College anticipates the first-round interviews to begin in late January 2021, with second-round interviews (including a campus-wide zoom hall) scheduled in February 2021. Questions regarding this recruitment or others may be directed to Human Resources

Funding Opportunities for Students 

We know many students are facing additional financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is the College has many ways to help students afford school. Please refer all students who need financial assistance to Financial Aid (, 206-546-4762) to learn more about special funding opportunities, including: 

·         CARES Act Funds for Students – Currently enrolled domestic students may apply this quarter for COVID-19 Pandemic Assistance Fund cash grants up to a maximum of $2,115 to help pay for tuition, fees, technology, books, housing, food, childcare, and healthcare. 

·         Washington College Grant – Many more Washington students from median and low-income households will qualify for increased state aid through the Washington College Grant that would allow them to attend college for free or at a reduced price. To qualify for these funds, students are to fill out the FAFSA.  

·         Scholarships & Emergency Aid – A range of quarterly scholarships through the Foundation and other emergency aid is available to new and continuing students. 

Minimum Wage Increase 

Supervisors of hourly staff, please note the minimum wage rate for Washington State has increased from $13.50/hour to $13.69/hour, effective January 1, 2021. The Office of Human Resources has processed this change and will be sending notification to impacted hourly/student positions regarding their rate increase shortly. Any questions can be directed to Human Resources at

Upcoming Winter Events: Mark Your Calendars!  

·         January 14, 27 – Title IX Refresher Training 

·         January 18 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday – College Closed 

·         January 28 – Zoom Hall Budget Update Meeting #1 

·         February 26 – Zoom Hall Budget Update Meeting #2 

·         March 19 – Zoom Hall Budget Update Meeting #3 

Thank you for the continued gifts you bring in support of our students. Welcome to winter quarter and to 2021! 


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

Thank you from the Foundation

Dear Friends and Associates,

On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff, I would like to thank you for your support of the annual Student Success Fundraiser. Due to the hard work of our students, Music, Marketing, Classroom Support Services, and Film Departments, we were able to execute our first virtual fundraiser. It takes a village! 

We raised over $60,000 and learned a great deal. Thank you to faculty, staff, and community members for supporting our students. Your support goes a long way to ensure that our students have the resources needed to continue their education. Please accept my sincere appreciation!

Diana Dotter
Interim Executive Director

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