Intramural Wellness Employee Challenge

January 7th – January 31st 2019

Hello Shoreline Employees!!

The intramural department would like to invite you to join our employee wellness challenge for the month of January.  We have designed this challenge to incorporate several of our ongoing activities, special workshops and teachers’ tips videos.  Participants will earn points for utilizing the fitness center, group exercise classes, visiting the counseling center and engaging in the workshops.  For inspiration we will send out weekly teachers’ tips videos related to mindfulness, nutrition, walking and sleep.  Each participant will receive a t-shirt and the top five contenders will win bragging rights and a swag bag!

Double points for Monday activities!!
20 Points for Yoga, Pilates, Improv Fitness and Personal Training Classes
30 Points for Trail Hike, Mediation workshop and visiting the Counseling Center
40 Points for 30 minutes of exercising in the Fitness Center and Campus Stroll
Please RSVP for the following workshops by emailing

Meditation January 8th @ 4:30pm in 3025 with Megan Toney
Trail Walk/Hike January 15th @ 12:30pm meeting in front of the fitness center 3007 with Movakel Sargizi and Emma Agosta

There will be sign in sheets with each activity for keeping attendance

We would like to encourage participants to set intention for each week with Mindful Monday’s technique.  Being mindful of our choices and devising a plan will enable us to reach our goals. Double points for all Monday activities!!  Other ways to improve wellness through nutrition with meatless Mondays, Dry January, and portion control.  Planning to turn off devices and getting plenty of sleep for sustaining energy and peace of mind. Please challenge your co-workers or other departments with additional challenges for example, using apps like fitbit, livestrong or perhaps a planking competition.  Block out your schedules now to guarantee success.  Thank you and we look forward to a healthy and happy 2019!

Please visit the intramural web page for class dates/times and fitness center hours, along with the Counseling Center web page for their open hours!

For questions and comments please contact Stacie Attridge

Office 3033

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