Policy Updates

At the December 5, 2018 meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the following changes to College policy:

New Policies
Policy 5004 (Graduation)

Policies Approved for Elimination
Policy 2062 (Division Chairpersons – Appointment)
Policy 2072 (Assistant Division Chairs – Appointment)
Policy 4150 (Retirement Annuity Purchase Plan Eligibility)
Policy 4721 (Tenure)
Policy 5165 (Faculty Advisement)
Policy 5280 (Intercollegiate Athletics & Performing Arts – Financial Aid)
Policy 5340 (Student Accident Insurance)

In addition, the following rules have been finalized under the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) process:

New Policy/Rule

Policy 1005 / Chapter 132G-142 WAC (Use of College Facilities for Expressive Activities)

Revised Policy & Rule

Policy 1004 / Chapter 132G-137 (Use of College Facilities)

Information related to College policies and associated procedures can be found online at http://www.shoreline.edu/about-shoreline/policies-procedures/ .

Questions regarding policies and procedures may be directed to the Office of Human Resources (scchr@shoreline.edu, 206-546-4679) at any time.

Thank you!

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