What you need to know about Rave Alert messages

With the many weather-related campus closures this month, several people have asked when and how Rave Alert messages are sent at the College. Here are some explanations and tips to help everyone understand how to get the most out of this tool.

What is Rave Alert?

  • Rave Alert is an automated emergency messaging system that the College can activate to send an urgent message to students and employees via text, email, voicemail, and social media.

Who receives Rave Alert messages?

  • Current students and employees are automatically subscribed to Rave Alert, using the information we have in the College database.
  • Community members (those who do not have Shoreline email addresses) can voluntarily opt-in to receive alerts by signing up on the Community Member Alert web page.
  • The system is designed to automatically stop sending to people who are no longer listed as active employees. Occasionally former employees receive an alert because some employee records remain active beyond an employee’s separation date. Former employees are able to unsubscribe at any time if they receive an alert in error.

How do I unsubscribe or change the way I receive alerts?

When does the College send Rave Alert messages?

  • Rave Alert is most often activated when inclement weather affects College operations, but would also be used in the event of a campus emergency, such as a fire, earthquake, or other unsafe situation.
  • During weather events, the Executive Team, Facilities, and Safety & Security work together to carefully evaluate the safety conditions on campus. If a closure or late start is needed, they attempt to send out messaging either the night before or by 5:00 a.m.
  • Weather and road conditions can sometimes change rapidly. If plans must change on short notice, the Executive Team re-evaluates the safest course of action for the campus community and sends an updated alert as early as possible. Sometimes this may occur after 5:00 a.m., depending on the event, and we understand this may create confusion or hardship for some students and employees.
  • Rave Alerts are not sent when the College is open and operating under normal conditions, so if you do not receive an alert and do not see a message on the College website, you can assume the College is operating normally.

Where else is emergency information posted?

In addition to Rave Alert messages, the College publishes emergency information in several places:

  • The College website will have an alert banner at the top of every page.
  • The main phone line will be updated with closure details (206-546-4101).
  • Local news stations will post school closure information on TV, radio, and the internet during major weather events.
  • The College’s primary Facebook and Twitter accounts will be updated to reflect closure information.

Still have questions about Rave Alert? Feel free to email pio@shoreline.edu.

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