Fire evacuation drill in FOSS, March 29

On Friday, March 29th, 2019, at 2:00 PM, Safety & Security will be conducting a Fire Evacuation Drill in Building 5000 (FOSS). This drill is designed to give students, staff, and visitors the opportunity to practice emergency procedures in a simulated but safe environment. This also gives employees tasked with emergency duties (Safety & Security and Building Evacuation Monitors) an opportunity to train for emergency situations.

The alarm will be triggered at 2:00 PM and all occupants must evacuate the building and will be directed to designated assembly areas. Safety & Security and Building Evacuation Monitors will be conducting sweeps of the building to ensure all occupants are out and safe. Once the building has been confirmed as clear, the alarm will be silenced, the drill will be completed, and occupants will be allowed to enter the building and resume their normal activities.

Please note, if you are in the building when the alarm sounds, it is MANDATORY that you evacuate.

If you have any questions. Please contact the Safety & Security Department in Room 5102.

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