Message from President Roberts: Timeline for Allied Health, Science, and Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to let you know that we will temporarily extend the construction timeline for our new Allied Health, Science, and Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex. This communication intentionally lacks the specificity in my spring message to employees because I want to engage those involved in the design of this construction project to provide feedback, which will inform the decision needed going forward. Extending the construction timeline does not mean this building is on hold. We will continue working on design solutions to issues that have surfaced this quarter.

When it became apparent to me that our campus community, as well as those closest to this construction project, had not had sufficient conversation in line with our campus values of respect, inclusion, and student engagement, I asked that we take the time to reassess the solutions being proposed. I am sorry that this was not the process from the very beginning of the project. I also am mindful of the themes I heard during our Courageous Conversations, specifically of empowering employees to be honest and speak up, providing avenues for two-way communication, and building trust in decision-making processes. To that end, I will ensure that meaningful conversations with interest holders and the campus will occur throughout the next year so that informed decisions around this capital project can be made. Thank you to those who have been involved to date; I ask you for your patience and continued engagement and involvement.

We have been in contact with the SBCTC and have received word that we can extend the timeline around this capital project and still move forward with the project over the coming academic year. In fact, we will have clearer information about exactly when our funding will come through for this project once the legislative session ends, at the latest by June 30, 2019.

In addition, we are in the midst of changing the culture around budgeting and finance at our College. We are striving to get clear budget information, share that in a timely fashion, and at the same time, create a culture of clear, open, and straightforward communication as we collaborate to bring our finances and budget into alignment. During our Budget Conversation on Tuesday, April 23, we will provide more clarity around our financial situation and how we will engage the College this spring in determining an improved budget process; this capital project will be considered within that context.

I will continue to communicate about this project and our budget process in an open and timely fashion and look forward to continuing the conversation with you throughout spring quarter.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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