Message from Facilities Director Jason Francois: Update-Infrastructure Work on Road(s)

Dear Colleague,

I have some good news to report in regard to the east road closure. Forma Construction is a week ahead of schedule due to the fantastic weather we’ve experienced.

What this means to the community is that we will reopen the paved parking in the 2900 staff lot, along with the spaces under the overhang of 3000, on Thursday, May 16th.

Between six and eight of the gravel parking spaces on the east side of the road will reopen as well.

The gravel parking spaces that face the 2900 building, however, will need to remain closed. The trench passes directly behind these, and will still be deep enough to be an issue for vehicle safety.  (The trench will be filled or covered fully at the lot entrance and exit.)

The road between 5000 and the north end of 3000 will remain closed, so parking in 2900 will need to be accessed by driving around the west side of campus, past the dog park and Automotive.

Work in the trench will progress south towards the 5000 building. The zig-zag method used to avoid utilities is not needed in this area, so one lane and the parking lot will remain open as planned. Flaggers provided by Forma will be in place during work hours, expected to be 6:30 am to 3 pm.

Final end date for the project is still June 28th. See the Road Closures Diagram for more info.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jason Francois
Director-Facilities and Capital Projects
(206) 546-4514

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