Message from President Roberts: May 16 Budget Conversation Follow-Up

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for attending our third Budget Conversation on May 16. Here is the PowerPoint presentation from the meeting for your reference. The Executive Team has also provided written responses to questions raised at the meeting that we did not have time to read aloud and answer.

From my experience, trust is fragile and something earned through lived actions and repeated follow through on promises kept. I am working to rebuild that trust by putting in place conversations and processes that invite participation in designing our budget for 2020-21. With your help, we can develop a budget process that is respectful and inclusive of all employee voices. There will also be clear expectations that the Executive Team and I will be held accountable to completing. That is why the involvement by the campus is vital.

Involvement in the budget process is also key to helping the Strategic Planning Budget Council provide recommendations to the Executive Team for budget reductions. I know this is a particularly difficult ask because the 2020-21 budget we are building will result in some of our colleagues losing their jobs.

Once the campus, Strategic Planning Budget Council, and the Executive Team have provided their input, I will have the responsibility for providing a recommendation to the Board of Trustees on a budget that meets our expenditures with realistic revenue generated for 2020-21. These are difficult decisions ahead for the College. I hope you will join the Executive Team and me in making the process reflect what is important to us as a campus community.

In the May 3 DAAG message, I shared the timeline for the 2019 Budget Planning process. As we bring this academic year to a close, our budget information is more accurate because we have actual expenditures to revenue generated rather than budgeted expenditures to revenue. The Budget Planning process is just one piece of our entire 2019-20 budget process to close a $2.3M shortfall. Here are the other proposed elements to reach a balanced budget. These numbers are also refined since our last communication:

  • Hold open some vacant positions: Saving $750K
  • Reduce budgeted expenditures by 2%: Saving $800K
  • Assess where we can grow revenue, increase enrollment, and support retention
  • Remainder (~$750K) will come from cash balances

If you have additional budget questions or requests for information, you can continue use the online comment form or the physical comment boxes in these locations:

  • FOSS 3rd Floor Break Room (Room 5325)
  • PUB 2nd floor Break Room (Room 9212)
  • 2800 Building (Math & Science Main Office)
  • 2300 Building (Health Occupations Room 2340)
  • Library Main Desk (4200 Floor)

Our fourth and final Budget Conversation will be held on Tuesday, June 11 (1:30-3:00 p.m.) in the Main Dining Room, Building 9000. I look forward to seeing you there.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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