International Education Updates

As some of you may know we’ve experienced a recent resignation in International Education (IE), as Rylan Good has made an important decision to relocate back to Pennsylvania to be closer to his family. As many of you are aware the Executive Team (ET) has made a commitment to evaluate refilling of positions on a case-by-case basis to minimize the disruption of College operations as much as possible. However, during these extremely turbulent times for international student enrollment around the country, having a fully resourced IE team will make a huge difference in our ability to stabilize our enrollment. More importantly, this refill will ensure a consistent presence for international student recruitment. With this in mind, ET has approved filling this upcoming vacancy on a temporary one-year basis. Andrew Hull has accepted the position of Associate Director of International Education Marketing and Outreach and will be starting in early August.

As a result of this IE staffing change, we were also able to adjust some of the staffing and reporting in their area. Lisa Maroni will now be a Senior Associate Director and manage staff. Lisa’s position change is now parallel to Bo Fu and he will also now manage staff. All of the above changes have resulted in a cost neutral outcome (with a little savings).

Please ensure we welcome Andrew, congratulate Lisa and Bo, and say goodbye and good luck to Rylan.

Phillip J. King
Vice President for Student Learning

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