Earthquake preparedness & response

Dear Campus Community,

Early this morning (before 3:00 AM), a 4.6 magnitude earthquake occurred approximately 2 miles outside of Monroe, Washington. While the campus sustained no damage from the earthquake, this is a good opportunity to remind employees of the following guidance found in the Shoreline Community College Emergency Response plan. Area administrators and supervisors, please take time to check in with your employees to confirm their understanding and ability to apply the emergency response guidance below.

In the event of an earthquake, building occupants should immediately seek protection from falling objects by moving under a sturdy desk, a doorway, or near where two walls intersect. Once the earthquake has stopped instructors should inform students that the building will be evacuated and that any personal belongings should be brought out with them.

During an earthquake:
A graphic shows a stick figure kneeling, covering their head and neck with their arm, finding cover under a desk, and holding on to the desk leg for support. Text reads "Drop! Cover! Hold on!"

  • Stay calm. First and foremost, having an emergency plan will help you and your students remain calm
  • Stay put. If you are indoors, stay there. If outdoors, stay there
  • Take cover. If indoors, do a “drop and cover” under a desk, table, or bench, or stand alongside an inside wall, in an archway, doorway that does not have a door, or corner. Avoid windows, doorways with a door, bookcases, hanging fixtures, or outside walls until the shaking stops
  • If no protection is available, drop to the floor and cover your head with your hands. Make sure students are in “drop and cover” positions
  • Do not be surprised if the electricity goes out, or if fire alarms and sprinklers go on

 After an Earthquake:

  • Keep students safe and relaxed. Carefully evaluate the situation
  • Use caution when moving students and staff to safe area(s).
  • Make sure everyone is alright. Take class rosters and account for all students
  • Do not move the seriously injured unless they are still in danger. Administer first aid, if necessary
  • Wear sturdy shoes in areas near fallen obstacles and broken glass
  • Check natural gas, water, and electrical lines for damage
  • Do not use the telephone, light switches, matches, candles, or other open flame unless you are absolutely certain there is not natural gas leaking
  • Do not touch electrical power lines
  • Be prepared for aftershocks
    Additional Information can be found at

    Please also review the following documents:
    2-weeks earthquake ready
    Earthquake Preparedness


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