Two New Acting Associate Deans for HO/PE + Business

The College is pleased to announce the appointment of two acting associate deans for the division of HO/PE + Business. As you all know, with the departure of Dean Sen in early summer, we have been attempting to identify a leadership oversight model and person(s) to guide the division for the upcoming year. Nominations were requested and several persons were considered as a part of that nomination process.

Mary Burroughs will take on the role of Acting Associate Dean for Nursing and Health Occupations. Mary received her BS in Nursing from Seattle University and her MS in Nursing Leadership from Seattle Pacific University. She was a nurse at the University of Washington Northwest Hospital and Medical Center for over 20 years before coming to Shoreline Community College in 2008. She was the acting associate dean of nursing last year and recently accepted the position of associate dean of nursing.

Kyle Winslow will take on the role of Acting Associate Dean for Business and PE. Kyle received her BS in Business Administration (marketing concentration) from Fitchburg State University and her MS in Business Administration (marketing concentration) from City University (Bellevue, WA). Prior to coming to Shoreline, she worked at South Seattle College from 1994 through 2001 as a part-time faculty member. Kyle took a bit of a break to raise her family and started working with Shoreline in 2013 and, most recently, was a priority associate for our business administration program.

Both appointments will begin on September 3, 2019 and end on June 30, 2020. Both individuals will report directly to the Vice President of Student Learning Phillip King and will have a seat at the SL Leadership table. Please note that this structure represents an accommodation for this year and it may or may not represent how the division will be structured in the future – we have much work to do as a college to discover how all of our divisions are structured as we reimagine Shoreline.

We are confident that both Mary and Kyle will provide excellent leadership and guidance to each respective area.

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