Reminder: Parent-Child Center Costume Walk Parade Oct. 31

The annual Parent-Child Center costume walk will be held on Thurs., Oct. 31 from 9:30-11am. For those new to the College and unfamiliar with this event, children who attend the Parent-Child Center trick-or-treat across campus departments.

Various departments have shared in this exciting event with the children by offering treats for their goody bags.

If your department would like the trick-or-treaters to stop by, please email Jocelyn Ramos at

This year there will be approximately 70 children, ranging from 5 months to 5 years of age. Please make sure you have enough goodies to accommodate 70 children. Treats departments have given out in the past have included stickers, crackers, pencils, candies, etc.

If you choose to hand out candy, please NO hard candies or items that contain any NUTS.

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