Employee Connections: Happy Water Cooler Wednesday and new Waves of Gratitude submissions

Make sure to join us for Water Cooler Wednesday this afternoon at 2:00pm. Drop in any time by clicking on the zoom link!

A wave of gratitude to Amy Rovner!– I just watched Amy’s training video for students. It is so good, so clear, so helpful. I am very interested to see how our students will be, with mandatory training in online learning. Amy, it is so good..

A wave of gratitude to Amy Rovner!– When I joined SCC as an Associate Faculty, I was new not only to SCC but to US in general. Amy held my hand and taught me so much of what I needed to know in Canvas and made sure my course was up and running. She was very patient to explain and show me even the very basics and would go out of her way to take my appointments even on very short notice. I owe a lot of what I know in Canvas to Amy. She’s an amazing Soul! She is indeed several standard deviations above the mean….

A wave of gratitude to everyone!– Today I send a wave of gratitude to every single one of you.  I suppose I always had a feeling I worked every day among heroes and angels, but now I truly know it.  We are all stretching and growing to the extreme bounds of what is humanly possible. Every day I bear witness to profound courage.  I have seen faces and heard voices on Zoom of those who, a mere month ago, would never have imagined themselves interacting virtually.  I see colleagues stepping outside firmly-held boundaries to make sure that all of our students – ALL of our students – can continue to learn in the face of this crisis.  And I have seen leaders work to the bone to keep communication flowing, support us all, and respond to, perhaps, a total of one million emails.

Then there are the true heroes:  our essential staff continuing to keep our physical campus clean and safe.

All of this while each and every one of us copes with our enclosed, individual realities, coping with all our might to face the grief and shock of this new world in which we strive to exist and thrive.  Despite all of the anxiety and pain, I am buoyed by a different feeling, a tingling that has always been there and I had almost forgotten. It’s pride.

Thank you so much for reminding me why I am so proud to work at Shoreline Community College.

If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.

-The Recognition Committee

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