New Waves of Gratitude submissions

Here are this week’s wave of gratitude submissions.

• A wave of gratitude from Jenna Durney to Eve Sternberg!
Thank you Eve for helping me triage and work with new students and being always willing to pitch in and help!

• A wave of gratitude from Jenna Durney to Carrie Bayless! Thank you for responding so quickly to my student in need of coaching.

• A wave of gratitude to Amy Rovner! Amy Rovner has done an amazing job getting faculty set up, training, and you name it. She is just one awesome person.

• A wave of gratitude from Sue Anne Lemkin to Weqiang Li! Weiqiang (Bill) was so patient with me as he was assisting me with updating Word and other issues on my laptop. I am not tech savvy and he was very patient with step by step directions. He was persistent to figure out another way to get in, when I wasn’t able to do the first way. In the end, I needed to bring in my laptop into TSS. He made sure that I was set up with another TSS staff member when I came to campus to get it fixed. I was able to get it fixed! Thank you for your patience and not giving up on me!

• A wave of gratitude from Wanda Waldrop to Lauren Hadley! Lauren has proven to be a fantastic leader and advocate for me. She has helped me and given me her full support. Lauren trusts me to do my job and does not micromanage which makes me feel very good about my work and accomplishments in the Manufacturing Department. Lauren is always calm, cool, and collected in tense times. I truly appreciate her leadership.

• A wave of gratitude from Aura Rios Erickson to Debby Hunter! Thank you Debbie for answering all emails and calls and engaging well with students.

• A wave of gratitude form Aura Rios Erickson to Nina Grishinchuk Thank you Nina for keeping track of information, keeping rosters, helping students always with a friendly smile and a positive attitude.

• A wave of gratitude to TSS! Every day when I open up my laptop and am able to get into my desktop remotely and/or use zoom and/or get individual attention to a problem I reflect on how lucky we are to have this wonderful support service backing us up-without them our work would be much less professional and much more difficult. In this difficult time the whole team have risen to the challenge and I am so grateful they are all there!!

• A wave of gratitude from Carrie Bayless to Suzanne Gugger! Suzanne Gugger won the Golden Acorn award and I am so pleased to paste the information from Shorewood HS PTSA below so you can congratulate our colleague for her inspirational involvement in our education community! Thank you, Suzanne.

• A wave of gratitude to Suzanne Gugger! Suzanne has also spent countless hours in an array of positions during her time at various schools. She has volunteered at both the local school PTA, as well as much time with the Shoreline Council PTA. In addition, she has been a committee member with the Shoreline Arts Council and a planning member with the Shoreline Math Olympiad. Here at Shorewood, Suzanne has been the legislative chair, Reflections chair and webmaster – just to name a few. This year, her posting of information on the Shorewood PTSA’s Facebook site has been amazing. There have been times I had no idea an event was taking place at Shorewood (or within the Shoreline Community), until I started scrolling through Facebook! Suzanne has won the Golden Acorn Award at Sunset Elementary and Einstein Middle School. There is no surprise she has Shorewood High School in awe too. Thank you Suzanne for all you do!

If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.

-The Recognition Committee

Don’t forget to join us for Water Cooler Wednesday this afternoon at 2:00pm. Drop in any time by clicking on the zoom link! Further details listed on the employee calendar.

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