Employee Connections: Featured Friday

Featured Professional Development:
Look forward next week to the launch of the 30-60 minute accreditation trainings provided by Dr. Bayta Maring. These trainings are included in the set of approved trainings for classified staff to complete as work assignments during remote operations. Please watch for more information about these accreditation trainings next week!

Featured Tech Tip:
Make sure that when using Zoom or Teams for video or voice calls you are not in remote desktop because participants will not be able to hear you.

Featured Employee:
Name: Stephanie Baker
Title: ctcLink Business Analyst
Length at College: 1.5 years

Something you want everyone to know about the work you do: As part of the ctcLink team, I meet with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across campus to help document their current business processes. These meetings provide an in-depth view of the great work we are doing at Shoreline, and how each process we are involved in helps to shape our campus community. ctcLink is a chance for Shoreline to welcome new possibilities for our students, faculty and staff by supporting our operations through a real-time, user-friendly interface that provides standardization and supports improved service delivery and efficiency.

Whenever someone needs _____ they should contact you.

Answers to HR type questions regarding recruitment, policies, etc. information about the ctcLink project, or just a friendly conversation.

Connect with Stephanie by emailing her at sbaker@shoreline.edu or saying hello on Teams!

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