Check out this week’s wave of gratitude submissions

This week’s wave of gratitude submissions:

• A wave of gratitude from Jenna Durney to Joe Andolina!
Thank you so much for following up with Opportunity Grant students and making sure they are getting the computers they need. Your work is so critical to ensuring students can receive a quality education and being an equitable campus. Thank you so much!

• A wave of gratitude to Mary Burroughs!
Mary has been available and supportive to both faculty and students during this COVID 19. She has had meetings with students helping to reduce stress and pressure for both faculty and students. Mary’s direction has been kind, compassionate, direct and resource filled.

• A wave of gratitude from Lisa Smith to Bonnie Madison and Bill Li!
Bonnie Madison and Bill Li from TSS deserve medals of honor for exhibiting the patience of Job, when helping me to trouble shoot my Little Surface Pro for various different issues. I cannot thank you both enough! 🙂

A wave of gratitude from Jenna Durney to Lisa Malik!
Lisa was amazingly helpful to me. I had a tight deadline with to return something to the state and requested a report from her. She got me the report quickly and was so nice about it. Lisa is an incredibly helpful person and we are lucky to have her as a part of Shoreline CC.

A wave of gratitude from Ginger  Villanueva to Linda Du!
Linda is enthusiastic, kind, and always willing to jump in and help. Her contributions are innumerable, from outreach to supporting current students to inspiring our student ambassadors. There are so many ideas for projects and new programming that would never come to fruition without her steady follow-through. We’ve said “wouldn’t it be nice if…” and then voila! it was done. I appreciate you, Linda, especially during this intense, stressful time.

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

-The Recognition Committee

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