Employee Connections- Featured Friday

Featured Professional Development:
Have questions about Guided Pathways (GP), and what it might look like for Shoreline? Get your questions answered in today’s (Fri., April 24) informal Q&A session via Zoom. Drop by between 2-3pm

This Friday’s Featured Employee:
Name: Jenifer Aydelotte
Title of Employee: Schedule Administrator
Length at College: 6 years this June
Something you want everyone to know about the work you do:
I do both classroom scheduling and room scheduling for meetings, clubs, and events. I also work on the quarterly schedules and the annual catalog.
Whenever someone needs _____ they should contact you.
A space to meet on campus

**Feel free to contact Jenifer by emailing (jaydelotte@shoreline.edu) or “saying hi” on Teams!**

Featured Tech Tip:
Are your work hours outside of the designated 8:00AM-5:00PM? Did you know you can adjust this to reflect on your Outlook calendar to avoid a back and forth of meeting availability? Here’s how:

• While being logged into your Outlook desktop app click File > Options > Calendar. Under “Work Time” set your calendar to reflect your schedule.

You can do this while being logged into outlook online, you just need to click on the gear > “Outlook settings” > Calendar.

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