Leadership changes in Student Access & Advising and Research & Grants

Two important changes will take place in the Office of Student Learning and Office of Students, Equity & Success this spring and summer: 

First, Dr. Lisa Malik will lead our strategic enrollment management (SEM) efforts for spring quarter 2020. To ensure appropriate coverage of our work around grants, Dr. Zack Thill has been appointed to Acting Director of Grants during this same time periodDuring spring quarter, please work with Zack on grant proposals and post-award tasks, such as clarifying any compliance questions. Lisa will remain lead support on any evaluation and data needs for grant reporting during spring quarter. 

Lisa will then transition to serving as Acting Dean of Access & Advising in July 2020The Director of Research and Grants position (Lisa’s current role) will be paused for the upcoming year as part of the College’s budget reduction efforts. As a result, Zack’s role as Acting Director of Grants will be extended through 2021Celine Pastore, Research Analyst, will provide support on grant reporting evaluation and data needs. Dr. Bayta Maring will work closely with Lisa to ensure a smooth transition around assessment and data management needs. 

These changes not only assist the College in budget reductions, but also in the movement of important efforts in student access, advising, and support. We are grateful for the collective flexibility to continue this important work. Lucy Casale and Lisa Malik are working together on the transition in Students, Equity Success in anticipation of this leadership change in July. 

Lisa has a vested interest in the learning sciences and outcomes in higher education. Her doctoral research on educational neuroscience worked to bridge the gap between learning math and brain research. At the University of Chicago Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center, she examined how emotions affect academic achievement and brain function. In her work at Shoreline, Lisa has led work on outcomes assessment, examined key college indicators, and served as Acting Dean in HOPE and Business. Her current work with Guided Pathways, ctcLink, and the SLECC Opportunity Gap group will create a synergy with the role of Acting Dean of Access and Advising. 

We appreciate everyone’s support as we navigate this complex transition. 


Phillip King 

Vice President, Student Learning


Marisa Herrera 

Vice President, Students, Equity & Success 

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