Check out this week’s Wave of Gratitude submissions

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer! A wave of gratitude to Norah Peters for answering my endless questions about where to turn with a student who is sure was sure or can’t be sure what they need. She is answering many calls from students that don’t even need advising but she assists them anyway. Her attitude is so great when some of the questions are not about advising but more like what now can you help me with. She does it with grace

• A wave of gratitude form Jenna Durney to Missy Anderson! Thank you for taking time to collaborate and work together to help Veteran Students utilize the Opportunity Grant. I know how busy you are and yet you still make time to listen authentically, problem solve and help out where you can. I feel so lucky to have you as a co-worker.

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Enrollment Services and Financial Aid! Thanks to enrollment and Financial Aid for their fast response to upset students who don’t understand that a call back may take time and as one student said “I guess money doesn’t grow on trees.” Looking up things that may not exist but they do it anyway. Making students feel better to know their money is on the way and they are registered.  Zoe, George, and Zaira for manning the magical cell phones that go off almost every minute and also for answering all my questions.

• A wave of gratitude from Ann Garnsey-Harter to Stacie Attridge! I have appreciated the opportunity to participate in a few of the intramural yoga classes that Stacie leads for employees. Since the class is offered via Zoom, I have been able to do yoga out on my deck in the sunshine! The class provides an hour of peace and transcendence during this otherwise intense time. I enjoy the sense of community with colleagues who also are participating. Thank you to Stacie and the College for offering this!

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Jeff Keith, Raisa Minchuk, and Tracy Bjerkeset! Thanks to Jeff, Raisa, and Tracy for helping me to get the calls from the trucking companies to the right place even when they give me the wrong information, expect me or Jeff to call back and hold for an hour, and understand that phonetic spelling is not a foreign language. If Jeff or I  don’t call back in time then they insist Shoreline pick up the shipping materials from downtown somewhere as they can’t reach anyone. Where do we come in as the whole campus is blocked off? I suggested they go online to look at a map! Jeff just greeted them and showed them the way. Tracy for looking for others to help. Thanks to them for the numerous emails passed back and forth to find out “who has the mystery load and where does it go?” They did a great job in deciphering the information and making everyone happy!!

• A wave of gratitude to SJ Devereux! Many thanks to SJ who manages the electronic resources our students depend on for research. Without his thorough, persistent research into the interstices of some very idiosyncratic software, we would not be able to continue with information literacy at Shoreline.

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Suzanne Gugger! Thanks to Suzanne for shipping and shipping the endless laptops that the students and parents were oh so grateful for. They said it made a big difference to have them and to thank the person sending them out.

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Safety and Security! Thanks to security for my endless calls about lost and found, dog park, parking cars, procedures about everything, trucks and lost trucks, do we need appointments to bring our big rigs, who is really there, prank calls that were not nice, size of parking lots just in case we can rent them, is there any buildings open questions from students etc. Their patience was appreciated.

• A wave of gratitude from Mari Kosin to Bill Li! I submitted my TSS request to reboot my desktop computer in my office due to inability to remote-access after power outage on Monday. In less than 10 minutes, I get a message saying that he is going to work on it, then another 10 minutes later, he tells me that it is all fixed! I am just blown away by an efficient team work in TSS besides how fast Bill can run across campus! Thank you, Bill and Team TSS at Shoreline!

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Melissa Sanders! Thanks to Melissa in HR who got so many questions from everyone!! Students and staff burned up the phone line with questions and more questions and verification companies who had 3 to 4 people call for the same person with a different code number to call back and the same the phone number changed after 9pm! Not knowing that remotely meant not in the office. Melissa did so great with all of it.

• A wave of gratitude to Charles Chitty! Charles has gone to campus to make sure the laptops that are sent out are cataloged, making sure we are good shepherds of state resources. Thank you for taking that risk for our students!

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to Jenifer Aydelotte! Jenifer Aydelotte who kept us in line as to what was where and when it would be there and no the schedule is not done yet Mary as I asked a number of times for students and parents who needed it yesterday. She helped is so many ways. The schedule came out and all was good with the world!!

• A wave of gratitude from Mary Sheaffer to our students! A Wave of gratitude to our students in the endless confusion for being ok, happy, accepting and grateful to be in school. May they all shine.

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**
-The Recognition Committee

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