SUBJECT:  Learning Outcomes Assessment Training Clarification

The Learning Outcomes Assessment Training is going strong with 36 people enrolled! Below is a bit more clarification about who is eligible to participate.

For Module 1 (Available now!), which is a brief introductory training to Learning Outcomes Assessment, any part-time or full-time faculty who has been employed as faculty at Shoreline within the last academic year (Fall 2019 through Spring 2020).  Enroll now at:

The longer training (Modules 2 – 5, available May 20) is a good summer project, but may require some planning in spring quarter. In addition, the training requires participants to conduct an assessment of a learning outcome with actual student work samples, and they should be able to report on their project (if needed) at the Fall 2020 accreditation visit. Hence, faculty who are eligible for the longer training need to:

  • have taught a class within the last academic year, and still have access to all student submissions for an assignment that allows students to demonstrate their learning described by one of the course outcomes, and
  • be full-time, priority associate, or associate faculty and on the schedule for Fall 2020
  • have completed the first module of the training
  • have a reasonable plan for completing the project by August 15, 2020

The project-based training will be made available on May 20.  One week prior to that, faculty who have enrolled in the class will receive a follow-up questionnaire about their plans to complete the project-based training and the eligibility criteria above.

If you have questions about the training, please contact Bayta Maring (;  206-546-6949).

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