Employee Connections: Featured Friday

Featured Employee:
Name: Robert Berg
Title of Employee: Media Producer
Length at College: 4 years

Something you want everyone to know about the work you do:
I work for all divisions of the college, not just eLearning. I create all types of videos like promotional, fundraising and motivational videos as well as animations, lesson plan videos, orientations and lectures. My skillset includes writing, recording video and audio, producing, editing, and motion graphics production. I also create videos for commencement, like student success videos, as well as highlights of commencement and other campus activities like Welcome Week. If you are interested in any kind of video for the college, employees, or students, I’m all in.

Whenever someone needs _____ they should contact you.
A video planned, written, recorded, produced, edited, converted, animated and/or uploaded to YouTube.

Connect with Rob by emailing him at rberg@shoreline.edu or saying hello on Teams!

Featured Professional Development
Consider joining Microsoft Teams! Every week more and more employees share how efficient and effective it is in improving their communication with colleagues. View this recorded online tutorial or schedule a training with Pilar Corder (pcorder@shoreline.edu) either for 1-on-1 or your whole team!

Featured Tech Tip
To avoid having participants talk over one another in a Zoom meeting, encourage participants to use the “raise hand” feature. This ensures that everyone is able to share equally.

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