New Waves of Gratitude submissions

Check out the new Waves of Gratitude:

• A wave of gratitude from Debora Sztain to Fiel Cheever! For teacher appreciation week, Fiel went WAY out of her way to making the Parent/Child staff feel appreciated. Even through isolation, she looks at ways of helping us all feel like we are part of a team.

• A wave of gratitude from Lianne Almughirah to Jessica Gibson!
Jessica has been awesome in a very chaotic and stressful time. Her positive attitude towards challenges is much appreciated. Jessica, I appreciate you!

• A wave of gratitude from Lianne Almughirah to Julianne Scott! Julz has been calm, cool and collected during this chaotic time. Her ability to change direction quickly, and adapt to new situations and technology is much appreciated. Julz continues to remain positive in spite of challenges! Thank you so much Julz!

• A wave from Jenna Durney to Megan Minto! Thank you Megan for keeping me on top of organizing and implementing the first Online Workforce Education Information Session. I appreciate the scheduled meetings, reminders and good questions to make sure that the session was successful. You bring such valued insight.

• A wave of gratitude to Fiel Cheever! She always supports her coworkers, creates a motivational work environment. I am really appreciate and admire her work.

• A wave of from Jenna Durney Michael Boehm! Thank you Michael for helping make the first Online Workforce Information a Success. Thank you for pulling the team together, when I didn’t have the brain space to do so. I also appreciate your positive attitude and ideas.

• A wave from Jenna Durney to Laura Drake! Thank you Laura for all your help with organizing the first Online Workforce Education Information Session. I appreciate your attention to details, knowledge of how to be more accessible and general positive attitude. Knowing that our funding session could be more engaging, you took it upon yourself to learn how to do Polling in zoom, which was really above and beyond.

• A wave of gratitude from Inez Olive to Susie Schroeder ! Susie has been a fantastic colleague! In the last two weeks, Susie helped me crafted two CRM email messages ahead of my projected time-frame. Her expertise in custom messaging makes her a great asset to our team. Thank you, Susie!

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

-The Recognition Committee

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  1. Greg Ingersoll says:

    Lauren Hadley has been the best, she has always supported me in my work
    Thank you for what you do she helps me LOVE MY JOB

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