Employee Connections: Mindfulness Monday

Self Care Tip
Keep your distance and connect with others via phone, video chat, social media, etc.

Quote of the week
“Suffering and difficulties provide opportunities to become better”

Shoreline Moments

Employee Engagement and Wellness Bingo Week 2!
Open to all employees! Earn up to seven “tickets” each week by choosing five different activities: bonus points if they make a Bingo! Prizes for the top winners.

Click here for the new week 2 full list and how to submit your activities each week.

Email Pilar Corder (pcorder@shoreline.edu) with any further questions or help in accessing the list.

“Unmuting the Mic” continues tomorrow! Featuring a live performance by Ted Johnson and a recorded presentation of David Bristow.

Join us at 12:00pm. Visit the employee calendar for more information or join using the Zoom link.

This is a great event to have your camera off and enjoy a beautiful collection of sounds in the background while either working or enjoying a meal.

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