Remote Operations & Partial Return to Campus for Limited Programs

Dear Colleague,

No one could have predicted we would be away from the campus we love, the students we serve, and the colleagues we enjoy for such an extended period of time. I know this has created undue hardship on you both personally and professionally, and I want you to know I’m amazed and inspired by your flexibility and resiliency.

As we follow the Phase 1 guidance of the statewide “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, here are a few important updates about our remote operations and some instructional programs partially returning to campus this quarter. The Governor’s office has prescribed 26 requirements for colleges to partially reopen to allow students in limited professional-technical programs to complete hands-on experiential learning.

Remote Operations through Summer

Our campus remote operations will now be extended through the end of summer quarter, August 20, 2020. This means all employees who are not already pre-assigned to work on campus should continue working from home through this date. Students should not come to campus unless they live in the residence hall or are enrolled in one of the three programs below.

New Procedures & Protocols for Classes on Campus

Effective today, Automotive, Advanced Manufacturing, and Nursing will begin limited classroom learning in relevant campus buildings. With these three programs, the College is closely adhering to all 26 requirements, including physical distancing and staggered arrival procedures, disinfecting protocols, wearing masks and other personal protective equipment, checking individual temperatures before class, and completing a daily Campus Access Form each time these students and faculty arrive and depart campus (this form is also on the COVID-19 web page).

What to Do if You Need to Come to Campus

Employees who are pre-approved and regularly report to campus for work — e.g. Safety & Security, Facilities, Custodial — will also adhere to new rules for physical distancing, disinfecting protocols, wearing masks, temperature checks, taking a training, and filling out the Campus Access Form. (A separate, detailed message will be sent to employees in this category.)

Employees who may need to intermittently come to campus (less than 4 hours/day, fewer than 3 days/week), must follow these steps each time they come to campus:

  1. Request prior approval from your Executive Team member.
  1. Fill out the Campus Access Form before arrival and upon departure (you no longer need to email Safety & Security).
  1. Wear a two-ply mask on campus. If you do not have one, you may request one at the Safety & Security office.

As always, the health and safety of our campus community is our priority. Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we begin to learn a new way of learning and working together. For the latest COVID-19-related information, please refer to the COVID-19 web page.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.


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