REMINDER: Provide your feedback about the website

Communications & Marketing is making improvements to the home page and the main navigation, but we can’t do it without you.

About the project:
In the past year, the home page of our website ( has received over 800,000 page views. People come to our website with a range of goals and information needs. We want to make sure they can accomplish those goals and find the information quickly and easily.

By participating in our survey or user research task, you’ll help us better understand what changes we need to make.

There are several ways you can help us with this project:

1. Fill out an employee survey – due date: Please have this done by June 1st.

Time to complete: 10-20 minutes

Summary: 10 questions to help us understand the changes you’d like to see on the site. All questions are optional except those that help us identify the person submitting the survey.

View survey

2. Participate in user research activities

Current activity: Tree test – Due by May 21st

Time to complete: 10-15 minutes

Purpose: Helps improve the navigation and menu options on the site

How it works: You’re given 10 tasks to complete. We want to see where you’d go to complete those tasks.

View tree test research

Notes about the tree test: The tasks provided in the test are a sampling of tasks that we know students (as well as faculty & staff) struggle to complete on our site. We’ve done additional research to get us to this point, so if you don’t see a task related to your department, that just means other testing has been or will be done to ensure that information can be found.

There will be more user testing opportunities coming up. Stay tuned!

Thank you,
Adam & Cody
Web Team

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