Join the Change Management Book Club – 5-minute edition

As a reminder, the Change Management Book Club is still going strong. We are currently finishing up our first book, “Employee’s Guide to Change” by Jeffrey M. Hiatt via Zoom and want to give EVERYBODY a chance to participate.

What if I don’t have the book?
No worries. Email us at and we can send you a quick summary that will have you up to speed in 5 minutes.

Is this different than the previous Change Management Book Club?
Nope. It is the same opportunity to discuss what you found interesting and how it may apply to your life or your work. We just want to give everyone a chance to join in if they didn’t have a chance previously.

When is it?

Choose from one of three sessions:

    • Thursday, 5/21 2-3pm
    • Wednesday, 6/3 11am-12pm
    • Thursday 6/4, 3-4pm

How do I sign up?
If you need an invite, email us and let us know which session you wish to attend.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact Joe Chiappa, ctcLink Organizational Change and Project Manager.

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