Check out this week’s new Waves of Gratitude submissions

Check out this week’s new Waves of Gratitude

 A wave of gratitude from Lianne Almughirah  to Laura Fujita! Laura cares a lot about the well-being of her students and puts in a lot of efforts to connect with all of her students. I really appreciate her genuine concern for everyone.

• A wave of gratitude from Inez Olive to Mia Bradshaw! Thank you for always being so willing to help me with marketing flyers. Especially when I have a time sensitive request, you are always so kind and willing to help me put a draft together. Thank you for all you do! .

• A wave of gratitude from Inez Olive to Jenna Durney! Thank you for your help hosting the Worker Retraining virtual event. I appreciate your willingness to jump in and help manage the event participants. You are amazing and I appreciate your support!

• A wave of gratitude to from Amy Rovner to Jen Bryant, Yvonne Jones, Matt White, Hoshimi Smith, Jordan Lee and Jessica Davis Group! These folks are our Accessible IT Staff who work on making digital content more accessible for our students, staff and community! Their work over the last 3 years has made everything we do at Shoreline more accessible to everyone. THANK YOU all so much for your patience as I figured out the best ways to share the workload, THANK YOU for your lasting contributions to Shoreline’s accessibility work by writing guides and creating accessible templates for us to use into the future and THANK YOU for your dedication, commitment to and enthusiasm for making Shoreline digitally inclusive! We absolutely couldn’t be where we are today without all of you!!! Forever grateful!

• A wave of gratitude from Amy Rovner to Melissa Sanders! Melissa is awesome! She is always so positive and happy and friendly and encouraging. Even more so on Fridays!!! We are so lucky to have her at Shoreline!

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

-The Recognition Committee

Don’t forget to join us for Water Cooler Wednesday this afternoon at 2:00pm.

Drop in any time by clicking on the zoom link! Further details listed on the employee calendar.

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