Budget Proposal Survey expanded

Dear Colleague,

Based on feedback received at today’s Zoom Hall Budget Meeting about the limitations of the current Budget Proposal Survey, we wanted to provide you with a way to submit additional input, should you desire to do so.

The survey was originally set up for each respondent to complete it one single time, with the option to enter up to three budget proposals/ideas. We have now updated the survey to be able to be taken multiple times.

If you have more than three budget proposals to share, you can enter the first three, submit the survey, and then start the survey over to enter additional proposals. All submissions are anonymous will be collected and reviewed once the survey closes on May 31st.

We welcome all ideas, large and small, as we undertake this monumental task as a College. Thank you for your willingness to contribute your feedback during this particularly challenging time.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.


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