Employee Connections: Mindfulness Monday

Self-care tip
FACE-COVID by Dr. Mark Harris (Tips for Responding Effectively to COVID).

Quote of the week
“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.“

Shoreline Moments:
It’s the final week of Employee Engagement and Wellness Bingo Week 4!

Open to all employees. Earn up to seven “tickets” each week by choosing five different activities, bonus points if they make a Bingo! Prizes for the top winners!

Click here for the new week 4 full list and how to submit your activities each week.

Email Pilar Corder (pcorder@shoreline.edu) with any further questions or help in accessing the list.

“Unmuting the Mic” continues tomorrow!
Join us at 12:00pm to hear our very own Jensina Oliver and Steve Kim! You won’t want to miss this! Visit the employee calendar for more information or join using the Zoom link. This is a great event to have your camera off and a beautiful collection of sounds in the background while either working or enjoying a meal.

Positive comments from our Shoreline Students:
-Comments gathered from a survey from e-Learning.

Question: “Knowing that we all will be learning online for the Spring quarter, and that this is not everyone’s first choice, what can you control as an online student? Is there anything Shoreline can do to make online learning more effective for you? If so, what?”

· Although online learning for a science class is not my first choice, I am happy that I have a bit more flexibility with it all being online. I also am happy that I can use my travel time as study time. I’m happy that there is a week of online training. I’ve seen other folks who’s quarters started this week and there is no training for how to use the online platform for students. Although the current circumstances may not be ideal for most students at Shoreline, I am able to control things such as my attitude, time-management, effort, and my other daily habits to help optimize my success when doing online learning. Understanding that I can’t get upset at the circumstances is important as dwelling on it could cause me to get unmotivated or affect my mental health. Repeatedly finishing assignments well before due dates should help to keep my motivation levels high as I complete this quarter.

· I feel shoreline has made great efforts to provide students the best possible learning experience with the current restrictions. There isn’t much more I could ask from all the staff of the school.

· I really believe that Shoreline CC is already doing its part and I liked so much of attention with students. Sending emails, explaining all forms of understanding – whether verbal, visual, or sound, creating videos, giving feedback, and giving support if you have any questions.

· As an online student I can be self-disciplined to get my school work done in the time allowed. I think Shoreline is doing great with its ability to move online and continue classes; I hope the Teachers are doing ok.

As a Shoreline student, I can control time management. I can work through online courses on my own time and take breaks when I need. I think Shoreline is doing a wonderful job with the transition of operating fully online.

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