New Waves of Gratitude posts

• A wave of gratitude from Kyle Winslow to the Faculty moving courses online!
I would like to express a special thank you all faculty who moved their face to face or hybrid courses online for spring quarter 2020. This heavy-lift by faculty for student engagement and success has been amazing. I want to applaud every one of you who took the time to create videos to help students learn your respective subjects. I spent 6 hours creating a video in Zoom to send to Business students as part of our group advising session called The Big Event. I created a PowerPoint that discussed Business AAAS articulations with four-year institutions. It took me five “takes” to get the video even remotely ready to share with students. The final product had countless “ums” and “sos”. I can’t imagine doing this several times per week for three to four courses. The students are lucky to have you and I am proud of all faculty, especially the faculty in Business and Physical Education who showed care beyond measure for their student’s success.

• A wave of gratitude from Susie Schroeder to Rachel Evans!

Rachel is always quick to help me with copyediting and proofreading on emails that go out to prospective and current students. On top of that, her creative wordsmithing makes communications more readable and fun. She’s great to work with!

• A wave of gratitude from Bonnie Madison to Gavin Smith!

I want to give a very big shout out to Gavin Smith, Acting Director of Technology Support Services.

Gavin has provided outstanding leadership to the TSS team and has given the guidance needed in order to provide the coordination and management of many requirements to ensure that the students, faculty, staff and administrative have the technology necessities for their new work environments.

He has made sure that his team is provided with all updates that have been directed by the college administration in order to ensure a smooth transition to remote support of Shoreline Community College students, faculty and staff.

Thank you, boss.
From Your Favorite Human,
Bonnie L. Madison

**If you would like to submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues please use this form.**

-The Recognition Committee

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