Help us make Commencement special

Faculty and Staff,

Our annual Commencement ceremony is a significant milestone not only for our students, but also for us as employees to celebrate the collective achievements of our students.

To make this year’s virtual ceremony just as special as the in-person event, we are asking all employees to consider participating in a scripted video message that will be shown during the ceremony. 

This is the most important way you can participate in this year’s ceremony and we especially want to make sure the Class of 2020 knows how proud we all are of their hard work. However, time is short. We need your recorded video clip by Wednesday, June 10

Please take a few moments out of your busy schedule before June 10 to follow these three easy steps: 

1.       Video-record yourself reading the entire script.  

a.       To record in Zoom, open a new meeting, position yourself facing your light source in the frame, similar to this example photo:Example Photo - Commencement Video. Eliminate background noises or distractions. Press “Record – on this computer”. You can record to the cloud if you prefer and know how to get the video file afterward. After reading the poem, press “End” then “End Meeting for All”. Zoom will convert your video file, saving it to the location you set in preferences. 

2.       Name the file with your first and last name and “Congrats” (e.g. “Rob Berg Congrats.mp4”). 

3.       Upload the file and notify Rob Berg ( that you’ve uploaded a video. 

a.       Rob is also available to answer any technical questions you may encounter. 

A few helpful tips: 

1.       There are a few lines that call for cheering. Please embellish here and show lots of animation. The video may show many of you cheering at once, so pretend you’re in a crowd cheering.  

2.       Place the script high on your computer screen as close to your camera as possible.   

3.       Make eye contact with your camera lens when possible and read at a measured pace with heart.  

4.       If you flub up, don’t start over, just pick up where you left off and keep moving. You are welcome to do multiple takes on a single line as you go; Rob will work his editing magic to make you look good.  

We hope you will take the time to record this video and help make June 20th a very special day for our graduates.

Thank you! 


  1. jennarosedurney says:

    I tried clicking the script part and the link comes up blank.

    Jenna Durney Schlein, M.Ed.
    Interim Opportunity Grant Specialist
    Professional Technical and Workforce Programs
    Shoreline Community College | O: 206.546.6961 | Remote Office Line: (920) 868-6166 (Preferred)
    Pronouns: she, her, hers
    [Shoreline Community College]

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