2020-21 Catalog published Wednesday, July 8th

An updated version of Shoreline’s online catalog will be published on Wednesday, July 8th, using the same address: catalog.shoreline.edu

Many thanks to all of the reviewers on campus who took time to make changes using the online Acalog system, which provides a centralized, online tool for editing the catalog each year.

In addition to typical annual edits, a team of faculty, classified staff, and administrators used a consensus model to implement some significant changes to the catalog planning guides to reduce redundancies between the Planning Guides and the Program Options pages and to streamline the Planning Guides. These changes are reflected in the 2020-2021 Catalog, with additional changes to the Program Option web pages coming over the next several months:

Removed from the Planning Guides

  • What is <subject>? [exists on web page]
  • What can I do with a certificate/degree in <subject>? [exists on web page]
  • Learning outcomes [exists on web page]
  • Career planning
  • College address

Changed on the Planning Guides

  • The information on how to use the Planning Guide has been abbreviated
  • Contact information has been condensed

Changed on the Program Options pages

  • General Education Outcomes on pre-major program options pages has been condensed
  • Embedded Planning Guides in an accordion

Thank you,

The Catalog Mapping Team
Missy Anderson
Jenifer Aydelotte
Cody Brehm
Mary Cheung
Jenna Durney
Amy Kinsel
Pamela Kocaturk
Tiffany Meier
Audrey Reuter
Adam Staffa
Ginger Villanueva


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