Interim staffing changes in the Division of Students, Equity & Success

Dear Colleague,

I wanted to share with you some interim staffing changes in the Division of Students, Equity & Success, beginning July 2020.

Dr. Lisa Malik, Acting Dean of Access and Advising started her role, supervising Enrollment Services, Advising & CEO/LCN.  Derek Levy, Dean of Student Support & Success, will supervise Financial Aid. This supervisory structure will remain in place through December 2020 until a permanent Director of Financial Aid and Enrollment Services is hired.

Tigist Stangohr, will serve as Acting Director of Financial Aid, following the retirement June 30th, 2020 of Chris Melton, Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid Services.

Stephanie Baker will begin working 50% in Enrollment Services as an Assistant Registrar and will work 50% on the implementation of ctcLink with Joe Chiappa.  She will report to Dr. Malik, with a dotted line report to Joe Chiappa. Mary Cheung and Kim Streitz continue to serve as leads in Enrollment Services and will report to Dr. Malik.

For ctcLink, Stephanie Baker will provide direction for the entire Campus Solutions (CS) Pillar in her work as Assistant Registrar. Our ctcLink implementation is made up of three main working systems or pillars: Campus Solutions also known as (CS), Financial Management (FIN) and Human Capital Management (HCM). She will work closely with Financial Aid and Dr. Malik, who will serve as her Co-Pillar Lead.

Ben Reindel will be reassigned to Enrollment Services from Athletics, working with Dr. Malik on Strategic Enrollment Management efforts for the college, as an Enrollment & Retention Specialist II.

Thank you for the support and flexibility as folks shift into new roles across our division.

Marisa Herrera, Ed.D.
Vice President
Division of Students, Equity & Success

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