Worried about a student’s well-being or academic concerns? Care Team and Shoreline Early Alert are here to help!

Care Team
At Shoreline, we care and are here to help. Are you worried about a student? Did you see or hear something concerning? Would you like to share appropriate resources with a student?

The Shoreline Care Team identifies, assesses, and monitors concerns about students and coordinates response using a comprehensive, equitable, and multidisciplinary approach.

Care Team Purpose

  • Identify, assess, and support students who may be in distress or display concerning behavior;
  • Initiate appropriate measures to support the student and campus community;
  • Coordinate activities with other initiatives/programs to support students;
  • Educate and empower the campus community to recognize, report, manage, and effectively address concerning, problematic, disruptive, threatening, and/or harmful behaviors;
  • Provide consultation, support, recommendations, and intervention assistance to campus members to help students and manage situations or behaviors, preferably before they repeat, escalate, or become threatening or acts of harm to self or others; and
  • Collect, assess, and track reports and information about student behaviors to identify and respond to patterns of behavior or trends, including gaps in service(s) and support for students.

When and What to Report

Report any behavior that causes you concern or may make others feel concerned using the online form.  Err on the side of caution when deciding to report, even if you are unsure about your concern and want to consult with a Care Team member, or just want the information to be documented.

When you report a concern, please be prepared to share:

  • Your contact information;
  • Name/any known information about the person you are referring, including SID number;
  • Summary of the observed behavior or concern, including when and where it occurred. Be specific, objective, and descriptive; omitting any assumptions or bias;
  • Any attempts to intervene, manage, or address the behavior; and
  • Other information you believe may be important.

You can make an anonymous report; however, the response may be limited.

The Care Team does not respond directly to emergencies. In an emergency, call 911 and Campus Safety & Security at 206-235-5860.

Questions? Contact Derek Levy, Dean Student Support & Success, at dlevy@shoreline.edu or Sheryl Copeland, Counselor, at scopeland@shoreline.edu.

Shoreline Early Alert

Shoreline Early Alert (SEA) is a referral program to serve all students (domestic and international) on our campus. SEA is designed to provide academic intervention to students encountering difficulty in the pursuit of their academic goals. We recognize that intervention is a process and may not produce immediate results. That is why it is our goal is to reach out to the student early in the quarter and connect them to the appropriate resources.

Examples of SEA referrals include: 

  • Difficulties with attendance, tardiness, or pacing with class
  • Low test or quiz scores
  • Excessive missing assignments
  • Lack of participation or communication
  • Connecting students to academic support and resources

How to Make a Referral

Use the SEA Referral Form rather than sending individual emails. A SEA team member will respond to the referral within 24 hours by reaching out to both you and the student.

Questions? Contact Lisa Malik, Acting Dean, Student Access & Advising, at lmalik@shoreline.edu.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and to support our students!


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