Apply & Aid update training video & links

Thank you to everyone who attended our Apply & Aid Launch Party/Training on July 9th. With these upcoming updates to the website, we are hopeful that students will be able to more easily navigate through the process of applying to the college and complete the enrollment steps to get to their first day of class.

The updates to the Apply & Aid section are planned to be live on the website at the beginning of August along with the updates to the homepage and navigation menu. Notifications will be sent out to all students, faculty, and staff before these changes are made to the website. In the meantime, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the new layout of the content.

Training Video

If you missed the training or would like to see it again, you can view the recording of our training on YouTube. Automatic closed captioning is available through YouTube, though may not be entirely accurate. The video will be updated once the incorporated captioning is completed within the next week.
During the training, Adam quickly covered the research that went into this project which included one-on-one interviews with current Shoreline students as well as interviews and workshops with faculty and staff members. If you would like more information about the research we completed, please email us.

Adam also went through the changes that will occur to each page when the update goes live. To follow along with the video, please use the links below.

During the training, we provided links to the development version of the website. This site allows us to test out our designs before they are published to the live website.

This development website is a test site only and links to this site should not be shared. 
Pages within the development site are not always up to date and may not accurately reflect the information provided on Shoreline’s website.
If you would like to see Before and After photos of what the website currently looks like compared to this upcoming update, please see our Apply & Aid Update article.
The Apply, Enroll, Succeed page was not discussed during the training but the structure of the page will be adjusted slightly to become an overview of all enrollment services options for students. You can preview the updates on our development version.
Training Tasks
Once you have watched the training video, take a look at the links and try to compare the pages on your own. See if there is anything you use frequently when working with students that you cannot find. Please send us an email at if you cannot find something.
Some tasks to try to complete on your own*:
*Try to complete these tasks without using the search bar as the search function does not work on the development website
  • Find the steps to register
  • Find the registration dates
  • Find how to apply to Shoreline
  • Find the financial aid federal code
  • Find out how to add or drop a course
  • Find the steps to apply for financial aid
We greatly appreciate all of the feedback everyone has provided during the various research sessions we have held for this project. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts about the upcoming updates to the Apply & Aid section, please email us at
Thank you,
Web Support Team
Adam Staffa and Cody Brehm

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