Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racism Action group meeting

The Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racism Action group is a grassroots, informal group, and we are in process of deciding how to move forward.

Institutional racism is complex and needs to be addressed in all areas and levels of Shoreline CC, as well as beyond at the state and societal level. Each of us is an agent within Shoreline CC and can be active where we are already placed, such as our own work teams and committees we serve on. We can take on a new action or responsibility, or learn to better incorporate BLM / ARA focused conversations and action items within a group we are a part of.

In the next two weeks we will be listing which committees we are currently a member of and how those can advance the BLM/ARA work. From there we will identify

-whether and how to best utilize existing committees, as well as
-which one or more action teams need to be created, and
-how best to support and amplify efforts by individuals within existing or new groups.

We welcome everyone who wishes to be active on Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism Action issues and would like to be part of a workgroup. If you are not sure where or how you fit in, it is OK to start with “listen and learn”.

Two ways to participate:

-email and shared documents communications

-zoom meetings

How to join: contact Jessica Gibson at

The next Zoom meeting will be Aug. 4, 2-3:30 pm. Email Jessica Gibson for the Zoom link.

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