UnMute the Mic Series Needs You!

Do you have a performance talent that you can share from home? Singing, playing an instrument, magic, reading poetry, acting, even pet tricks are all examples of talent we would like you to share during our 30-minute lunch Zoom Unmute the Mic concert. You can contribute a short set, or just one song or trick: We’re easy! Nervous about performing Live? Record in advance and I’ll weave the video into the lunch-time broadcast.

Who can participate?: Anyone who works at Shoreline Community College.

Why participate?: Because we’re a creative community and it’s fun to learn about the gifts of our fellow Phins: WOW! I never knew…. You can do THAT?

How?: Email Rob Berg at rberg@shoreline.edu with “Unmute the Mic” as a subject and share your talent and how long you’re willing to perform on Zoom.

NOTE TO INTROVERTS: I typically only perform for my dog, but I will throw my hat into this proverbial ring to perform at least one song on the guitar for my fellow Phins. Now, who’s with me?

Mark the next UnMute the Mic series event on your calendar and join us Wed., Aug. 12 from 12-1pm via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/92692143132

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