August 12 Zoom Hall Responses

Dear Colleague,

Thank you to those who were able to attend our summer quarter Zoom Hall meeting on August 12. 

There were many questions posed that we did not have time to answer during the meeting. Here are the responses we have to date. As the month of August is the time that many people take leave, not all Executive Team members were present to provide complete responses to all of the questions. Therefore, you will see some blank responses in this document. We will complete these answers as soon as the appropriate staff are back on campus and will share this information with you again.

In addition, we are awaiting captioning of the August 12 Zoom Hall video to be completed by an external provider and will send the link to the video as soon as we receive the captioned version from the provider.

Our next budget meeting is planned for October 8. I hope you are able to find ways to rest and replenish during these final weeks before fall quarter begins.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.
Office of the President

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