Welcome Jonathan Molinaro as Assistant Dean, Transitional Studies

Jonathan Molinaro, Assistant Dean Transitional Studies

Jonathan Molinaro (he or they pronouns) has been working in higher education for the past thirteen years and has had the privilege of working in faculty, hourly, and administrative roles. After starting off his teaching career in China, he spent most of the next decade teaching and studying English literature, language, and composition.

In 2016, he joined Bellevue College as a Writing Specialist and adjunct instructor and was later hired as the Director of their Academic Success Center. At Bellevue, Jonathan devoted himself to refining student support structures and investing in equity initiatives that reduce the opportunity gaps inherent in higher education.

He looks forward to continuing this work at Shoreline and is excited by the chance to support faculty and staff, advance program objectives, and promote an equitable, inclusive, and collaborative environment for students to thrive. Jonathan also enjoys playing the drums and exploring the outdoors with his partner and their new baby.  When we are back on campus, he will be in office 5205. 

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