ctcLink update: Shoreline begins next phase of project implementation

Dear Colleague,

As the quarter is well underway, I again would like to thank you for helping us meet the expectations of our students in delivering the quality learning and support services that we’re known for and are so valuable to student success. Today I would like to share some good news about ctcLink as we move closer to providing both you and our students the modern software and tools we need to continue in our mission.

Shoreline will go live on ctcLink in the early part of 2022. We have completed the Initiation phase and have just kicked off the Implementation phase.  

ctcLink, the Washington State community and technical colleges version of PeopleSoft, will completely replace our Legacy system, including Instructor Briefcase. Systems such as Canvas and our email system will remain the same. I am looking forward to the many practical benefits provided by ctcLink to better serve our students and staff. These benefits include single sign-on for students with 24-hour access to their student record and self-service capabilities for employees. 

We have much to do to prepare for Go-Live on ctcLink and I’m grateful for everything you’re doing. While 2022 seems far off, there is plenty of work ahead of us. I want you to stay informed and know what to expect next. In addition to the quarterly updates you normally receive, I will share additional update emails regularly as we prepare to launch ctcLink (PeopleSoft).  

Below are the processes (with estimated timeframes) that will bring us to a successful Go-Live with ctcLink in mid-Winter to early Spring quarter of 2022:

•    PeopleSoft Fundamentals training: Our ctcLink Project Management staff, subject matter experts (SMEs) and SME teams will take this training to provide an overview of how PeopleSoft ctcLink works. This training is open to all of campus as well if you would like an early look and you are welcome to learn more by visiting the Training and Resources Page on Shoreline’s ctcLink web page. (Fall 2020)

•    Global Design Adoption (GDA): A process that provides SMEs the opportunity to understand how PeopleSoft works. (Fall 2020 and Winter 2021)

•    Business Process Fit/Gap (BPFG) sessions: SMEs and their teams will gain knowledge of the ctcLink functionality for business processes. They will use this knowledge and their current Legacy business process maps to understand the impact of the changes and document the required business processes in ctcLink. (estimated Winter and Spring 2021)

•    Data Conversion: Based on configuration homework from the BPFGs, the ctcLink Project team pushes our data into a test PeopleSoft system to assess whether our data converted correctly into the new system and, if needed, fix the errors. There are four cycles of data conversion that our college will be involved in. College SMEs and ctcLink Project management staff will be actively engaged in this work. (estimated Spring 2021 – Winter 2022)

•    Security Mapping:  Our college ctcLink project manager and SMEs will work to make sure each user of the ctcLink system has the roles and permissions they need to do their work. (estimated Summer and Fall 2021)

•    User Acceptance Testing (UAT): The SMEs and their testers will be trained in PeopleSoft ctcLink. After training, they will conduct UAT to assess and improve any data conversion or security roles, as well as learn how the ctcLink system works. (estimated Fall 2021 and Winter 2022)

•    Training: End-user ctcLink training will be available just in time for go-live. (estimated Winter 2022)

•    Go-Live: Shoreline will be live in ctcLink in mid-Winter to early Spring 2022!

I ask that we all work together to honor the tremendous work that has already occurred and is about to be undertaken by so many of you, especially in light of the multitude of stressors that 2020 has brought. 

Join me in honoring each other by supporting a culture of gratitude and compassion: offering frequent thanks to colleagues most engaged in the ctcLink transition work and patience when the ctcLink implementation workload requires delay of some day-to-day work. Please know our that our Executive Team is working with teams throughout the college to prioritize and make workloads more manageable throughout our transition to ctcLink.  

Again, for those of you who use the Legacy (HP-UX) system to do the breadth of your work, as well as those whose work touches HP in some way, I appreciate your tremendous service as we prepare to transition to ctcLink. You are vital to our success!

With gratitude,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.


Office of the President

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