Shoreline email will soon warn you of external senders

What is happening
As part of our ongoing effort to improve campus security, emails coming to the college email system that come from outside senders will soon display a yellow banner warning you that the message comes from outside our campus system. It will look like this example.

Why are we doing this?
Many of the security threats we face – such as ransomware attacks that shut down the college and demand money, or attempts to steal and sell confidential information – start with emails that pretend to come from someone you know and trust. For example, people on campus have gotten messages claiming to be from President Roberts, Chris Melton, and others asking them for favors and to take other actions. If we add a banner to messages that aren’t from us, it will be easier to see when someone claiming to be a campus employee or department is a scammer.

What should I do if I get a message with that banner?
Newsletters, emails from companies you do business with or other outside parties who can be expected to email you will have this banner, and that’s not an indication of a problem. If you get a message from someone claiming to be part of the college that has the banner, that is an indication that the message could be fraudulent and should be looked at more closely or reported to TSS.

What else should I know?
Messages coming from campus email addresses, RAVE Alerts, Mailchimp, and most other communication systems we use regularly will not have the banner. Messages from our listservs will have the banner due to a technical limitation of the listserv software. If you get a message that causes you concern, please report it to

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