Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude for Ron Norimatsu for Integrity and Leadership. Ron and his day shift team (Erik, Tommy, Quang, Aimee, Hugo, Antonio) face significant challenges but continue to get the job done every day. The unique group of staff who still report to campus every day know that Ron and his team are dedicated to ensuring excellent campus grounds and buildings. Recognized by anonymous.

Waves of Gratitude for Wanda Waldrop for Inclusive Excellence, Respect, and Student Engagement. Wanda goes above and beyond to support student success outside of the classroom helping them remove barriers to be successful in school. I am constantly impressed with her energy and creative ways she builds community within the manufacturing program. Recognized by Lauren Hadley

Waves of Gratitude for Jenna Durney-Schlein for Community Engagement. Jenna spoke at the October Shoreline Chamber of Commerce breakfast and did an amazing job speaking to small business owners about how they can access education. She spoke from the heart about her own experience as a daughter of a small business owner and did an amazing job talking about opportunities here at Shoreline. She was an excellent ambassador of the college. Recognized by Lauren Hadley

Waves of Gratitude for Linda Mickleberry. Linda has been making a ton of forms for the college to make sure staff coming onto campus are safe and students are able to get their needs met. She always has a positive attitude and demonstrates an ethic of care about all those connected to Shoreline. She is quick to reply and get things done. Recognized by Jenna Durney-Schlein.

Waves of Gratitude for Donna Langley. Donna has been incredible to work with in helping students work through tricky situations to get financial aid awarded. I had one student who needed some extra documentation and she worked really close with me to make sure this student understood what needed to be submitted. While it took a little while on the students’ end to get all the paperwork in order, Donna was always quick to respond, positive and committed to student success. She even found a colleague to help translate if need be! From her efforts, we were able to award the student over $2000 in financial aid and made it so this student was not sent to collections! Recognized by Jenna Durney-Schlein.

Waves of Gratitude for Linda Mickleberry for Inclusive Excellence, Student Engagement, and Smooth operations of the college during this time of remote learning and remote services. Linda has been working diligently behind the scenes for years keeping our online forms via Formstack, and databases working efficiently. Her work has been even more important during campus remote operations in 2020 and now going forward into 2021!

She helps staff create online input forms for students, staff, and the community to troubleshoot these forms when there are problems and always has ideas for you to make them more effective and clear for students and the community to use. Linda has a very professional and positive attitude, and is a pleasure to work with! Recognized by Suzanne Gugger.

Waves of Gratitude for John Nold for Respect, Caring, and Helpfulness. John comes every day to sanitize public surfaces at the Parent Child Center. He always comes in with a positive and friendly attitude. I appreciate what he is doing for us as it is helping us maintain a healthy environment. Recognized by Debbie Sztain.

Waves of Gratitude for Student Support Programs for Inclusive Excellence, Respect, and Community Engagement. I want to give a BIG shout out to everyone that assisted Community Employment Program (CEP) with our successful King County Monitoring visit on the15th. I want to thank Jennifer Fenske, Brandi Okano, Delene Bryant, Melissa Sanders, Ric-James Doike for providing crucial information and documentation to make our visit smooth. I could not have done it without you! Recognized by Sue Anne Lemkin

Waves of Gratitude for Lynette Peters for Respect. Lynette has shown me a huge amount of trust in my additional duties assisting students find their path. I appreciate her trust in me. She has also proven to be a great support for me. I appreciate you! Recognized by Wanda Waldrop.

Waves of gratitude for Fatiha Mahfoudi for Respect. Fatiha has trusted me to work with the students in her funding program. It is always great when you get the trust of another and Fatiha’s trust in my skills is greatly appreciated. Recognized by Wanda Waldrop

Waves of Gratitude for the Custodial, Landscaping, and Facilities crew for Community Engagement. The Facilities, day and evening custodial crew and landscaping staff have been doing an exemplary job sprucing up the campus. The green spaces look tidy and refreshed, and Tony has been pressure washing every inch of our campus sidewalks, breezeways and courtyards. Facilities have fixed potholes and courtyard cracks, and completed many capital/maintenance projects on campus. Michelle and her evening custodial crew have been sanitizing and deep cleaning all of the buildings. John Nold (temporary daytime custodial) has steam cleaned so many chairs and upholstery in all of the buildings and he created an amazing video for the classified staff meeting that documented all of the staff working on campus! Thank you to all of the staff working so hard on campus these days. Recognized by Suzanne Gugger.

****Submit a wave of gratitude for your fellow colleagues.**

-The Recognition Committee

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