Waves of Gratitude – Week of January 11, 2021

Waves of Gratitude for Zaira Valencia in Enrollment Services. [Respect] Zaira is always on point and timely with any questions or help needed with the students. Her performance is so good that she makes me look good with students even when it was all Zaira’s doing. She never fails to help me. It is truly appreciated. Thank you Zaira! Wanda Waldrop

Waves of Gratitude for Brandon Fryman in eLearning. [Inclusive excellence and respect] Brandon held a webinar earlier this quarter and I wanted more help with implementing that into my classroom. I reached out to him and he set up a Zoom meeting. Both in the webinar and in the Zoom meeting, Brandon was very friendly and helped me create some great content focusing on RSI in the classroom. I have grown to be more inclusive and my students enjoyed the new ways of interaction. Thank you Thank you Thank you! Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude to Mical Degraaff in Students, Equity & Success. [Inclusive excellence, respect, student engagement.] Mical has worked tireless as she has handled hundreds of Emergency Aid applications, thinking only of her students, going over and above, while supporting her coworkers and excelling as the leader of the Gender Equity Center and a critical member of the Care Team. Mical’s dedication is incredibly admirable and appreciated by students and staff alike and her work ethic sincerely impressive. Our College is lucky to have Mical as part of the Emergency Aid team and part of Student Services. Anonymous

If you have someone you’d like to express gratitude for, please complete the Waves of Gratitude form!

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