New Book Club: Me and White Supremacy

Hello everyone, 

At this time in history, more than ever before, people are asking what they can do to help dismantle white supremacy and where to begin. We think a good start or re-boot/energize from where you are at, is to increase your knowledge and skills in the context of a community effort.   

To that end, Becoming Anti-Racist, a sub-group of Black Lives Matter Action and Accountability Group at Shoreline, is organizing a book club. The book is Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism: Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor, by Layla F. Saad.

The book is a step-by-step reflection process that encourages people to examine white privilege. In brief, participants will form small groups and read and discuss the book during the months of Feb through May. Once a month, small group participants will join in a larger conversation. We will form the small groups in the second half of January. The first larger book club meeting is being planned for the week of Jan 25 to 29 and will help small groups get started.

The book clubs are open to all Shoreline employees. You can form your own group (3 to 5 is recommended) or ask for help to be placed in one. Groups will meet outside of regular work hours. Attached is a one-and-half-page document with more details. To join or for questions about joining, contact Joyce Fagel at by January 25.  Current organizers are Brooke Zimmers, Mary Lockman, Joyce Fagel, Kelly Cassady. 

Note that the other subgroups are also continuing their work on the following topics: Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Student Interactions, and Anti-Racist Hiring and Retention. If you want to be added to the monthly meeting invitation list, or want to otherwise get involved, also write to Joyce Fagel. 


Joyce Fagel, M.A.

Academic Advisor

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