Update on Shoreline’s Early Childhood Education Program

Based on the Board’s approval of the 2020-2021 budget, including faculty reductions, Shoreline has begun the process of sunsetting the Early Childhood Education program.  Starting in spring quarter 2021, the program will not be accepting new students. Courses that are part of the program will be offered in spring quarter, based on current student needs. 

After spring 2021, there will be two primary options for Shoreline students to complete their Shoreline education degrees and certificates.  Shoreline will make every effort to ensure these options enable students to complete their certificates and/or degrees in the same amount of time, in the same modality (online), and for the same cost as originally planned. 

  • The first teach-out option will be through Washington Online (WAOL).  With this option, students continue to attend Shoreline, have a Shoreline transcript, and enroll in Shoreline classes using their Shoreline Canvas accounts.  The online courses are taught by various faculty throughout the state and include students enrolled at different colleges. 
  • The second will be through a teach-out agreement with another Washington community college.  There are several opportunities for partnering with other colleges on teach-out agreements, and preliminary conversations have begun. Expect an update on specific teach-out plans in mid-February.    

Students currently enrolled in this program (as of winter 2021), will receive a more detailed email about these options and next steps by February 15, 2021. Each student will work with an advisor to develop their own teach-out plan. Those students who have previously been enrolled in the program within the last two years will also receive notification and options for degree completion. The Office of Student Learning is identifying how to allocate and enhance advising resources for these students. If you have questions about this process, please contact Brigid Nulty, Acting Associate Dean of Business, Communication Studies, and Social Sciences (bnulty@shoreline.edu). 

Thank you for your patience as we undertake this process. 


Phillip King 
Vice President for Student Learning, Equity, and Success 

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