Call for Proposals for 2021 Day of Learning

Shoreline Faculty and Staff!

The DEI Learning Team invites you all to submit proposals for leading a session at this year’s Day of Learning on April 30th, 2021! Sessions will be 50 minutes in length and facilitated online. They will need to follow accessibility standards and focus on this year’s theme: How Do We Foster Inclusive Change at Shoreline?

Facilitators do not need to be an expert on their proposed session topic; we are simply asking for proposals from employees who are passionate about issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Learning Team can provide some support to employees who want help in designing their session. Faculty and classified staff facilitators will be paid an hourly rate for leading their sessions on Day of Learning. Further details about dates and submission are below:

Proposal Submission Details:

This Year’s Theme:

How Do We Foster Inclusive Change at Shoreline? Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. We know these words are part of Shoreline’s values, but a lack of consensus on their meaning has made it difficult to embody them and facilitate sustainable changes on our campus. Key questions also face us: How can we navigate difficult conversations about campus culture? How do our unique perspectives shape our understanding of institutional inequities? The goal for this year’s Day of Learning is to learn skills and gain knowledge that will create a more inclusive campus culture for supporting each other and serving our students. While engaging in sessions that center DEI, we will put our shared definitions into individual and collective action, and continue to work on our ongoing commitment to inclusive excellence and institutional change. 

Sample Session Proposal:

  • Proposer: Brigid Nulty 
  • Description: Exploring and developing a shared definition of “Inclusive Pedagogy.” I hope to lead a online activity during which participants compare and integrate definitions from multiple sources. Together we will develop a shared understanding of what Inclusive Pedagogy means, and what it can look like in action.  
  • Area(s) of Focus: Varied, but especially racial equity, ableism, classism (e.g., “first-gen” vs “continuing gen”) 
  • Format: Workshop. Pre-reading required
  • Collaborators: Possibly someone from FLC 
  • Additional information: Would need advance sign-up/registration, so that I can assign pre-reading  

Jonathan Molinaro
Associate Dean, Transitional Studies

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